By Maria Fiori on January 25, 2021

Photo by Loet Koreman
Photo by Valtteri Nevalainen

To some, haute couture is the most sustainable fashion of all; To others, couture is high dressmaking and creativeness; To us, couture represents much more than that.

Couture is a form of art, through which designers communicate their deepest emotions. Couture not only represents the ultimate form of slow fashion, but it also represents the origins and the future of fashion at all. Couture can amaze us with its incredible timeless and unique figures.

Especially in these days, before the Paris Haute Couture Week, we are all asking ourselves: what to expect from the 2021 catwalk? Year after year the Parisienne scene never stopped astonishing us with its futuristic pieces, innovative designers and gorgeous fabrics. Moreover, each year the Paris Haute Couture Week showcases more sustainable, upcycled or recycled materials and fashion designers start to implement zero waste patterns to ensure none of the materials go (back) to waste. 

This past year has been exceptional, full of new challenges and adversities. The haute couture industry has suffered the consequences of this pandemic and remains one of the major industries affected by the restrictive regulations. But they were not the only ones; at Unravelau, as well as many others of our fellow designers, we had to find a way to adjust our working method and production process within just a few days.

So the question is: how are the haute couture houses going to respond to these extraordinary circumstances? As emotions have always been a source of inspiration - and let's be honest, this past year we had a lot of them - we think that this time we can expect a full explosion of abstract, innovative and extraordinary compositions. The next Paris Haute Couture Week will take place in Paris from the 25th to the 28th of January and we can't wait to discover what masterpieces are waiting for us! 

Talking about the future and your expectations about it, what do you think Unravelau future collections hold for you? With its made to order system, creativity, sustainability and high dressmaking, Unravelau label distinguished itself in a very crowded fashion market. Some of the past creations resembled a powerful and bold female individual, with a unique spirit and braveness; these extraordinary pieces, in their vivid colour palettes, become Unravelau symbols. But what’s next?
We are as excited as you to lay eyes on the upcoming collections, but for now remember: anticipation is the greatest joy ;)

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