Photo by Anniek Andringa

Géonne Hartman is a passionate and emotional woman, singer and songwriter from Utrecht, The Netherlands. She spent her early years studying at the conservatory and released her debut EP “Salt Wind” in June 2019. In her songs, Géonne writes about powerful women, passion, love, and relationships. Each song feels intimate and is marked by her strong personality, making them unique and irreplaceable pieces. She is one of Unravelau muses for her distinguished personality and charisma. Géonne is also a true fan of our brand. On the release of her debut EP, she was dressed in Unravelau from head to toe! Below you can find brief interview between Géonne and Unravelau. Enjoy the reading!

Photo by Anniek Andringa
Photo by Anniek Andringa

You released your first EP in 2019. What are your songs about?

My songs are about love and heartbreak, but also finding purpose in life, finding strength in yourself. I like to play with cryptic lines that suddenly give clarity at the end of the song. Or metaphors for life. Growing, sowing, taking. Something like that.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Nature is a big inspiration for me. Seas and mountains can make me in awe. While looking at the landscape your thoughts drift off and often I get an idea for a song at these moments. 

You wore Unravelau for the presentation of your album. Why do you love our brand?

The first thing is that I love the fact that it’s Fairtrade and sustainable. I love how, in a fast fashion world, entrepreneurs stand up and say let’s do this differently. Second thing is that I love the colors and fabrics you use. When I wore it during my album presentation, I felt strong and feminine at the same time. I think that is great when clothing does that. 

Is sustainability an important issue for you?

After watching multiple docus about slavery in fashion I saw how big the issue is, and how I without knowing, contribute.

I don’t mind spending a bit more money for a nice dress or coat, so I decided to always first try at Fairtrade shops or second hand shops. And most of the time that works. It feels great when your clothing is ethically made with consideration of my fellow human at the other side of the world.

Photo by Anniek Andringa