Adelaide Carta

The Sardinian fashion designer and her eco-sustainable philosophy.

By Umberto Garibaldi on February 16, 2019

Adelaide C. is the meeting, without renunciations, between ethics and aesthetics. The attention to ecological and vegan materials is intertwined with the enhancement of the culture of Sardinia, that stands out in the details of cork and traditional prints, interpreted with cutting-edge workmanship, clean shapes and bold colors. From the conviction that elegance and respect for the environment can coexist, accessories come to life and they sink their roots in the territory to look far, towards a world of fashion able to go beyond style and contribute to change.

From this moment, in 2014 Adelaide C. brand was born, with a distinctive signature is the innovative use of cork matched with sport animal free materials, that, season after season, is renewed with different processes, until the last experimentation, in the collection Rebirth, Collection SS19, where the protagonist is always it, the cork, but this time it’s colored, matt with contrasting and natural colors, enriched by prints inspired by the Sardinian textile tradition. In fact, in the Maughor line the natural material is enhanced by modern prints made with color films, inspired by the embroideries of the traditional art of Sardinian weaving that has always been admired on tapestries and carpets.

Photo by Henry Marsh

The idea comes from the strong will to start from our origins, to offer new points of view on a secular culture and, at the same time, teach new generations, often attracted only by the brands and not by the history of the products they buy, that you can be fashionable buying a fashion and cool accessory also with ethics and wisdom, without having to give up fashion trends. Thanks to the prints made with the transfer technique, Adelaide C. gives new life to the craftsmanship that women handed down for generations. The Spring/Summer 2019 season thus becomes an occasion to re-elaborate the founding values ??of the brand with new creative instinct: to transmit the history and culture of an ancient land like Sardinia with an avant-garde eye, and to use ecological and vegan materials, certified by the most important animalist associations in the world.

Adelaide C. obtained all the certifications for ethical fashion (Animal Free-LAV, Fur Free Retailer and PETA) and has been selected to participate in the Showcase for emerging talents of AltaRoma and Helsinki Fashion Week, the first fashion week in the world 100% Eco-sustainable held in Finland. In September 2018, she’ll be at the MFW during the White Milano event, in Via Tortona, to present the collection to Buyers.

Photo by Henry Marsh
Photo by Leila Emine & Zachasephoto