Over de fashion pionier

De komende weken zal hier meer informatie komen over de fashion pionier, hoe je er de Sustainable Fashion Gift Card kan verzilveren, en wat er precies duurzaam is aan zijn of haar werkwijze. Voor nu, vind je hier meer informatie over Unravelau


Unravelau is proud to be one of the 50 fashion pioneers affiliated with the Sustainable Fashion Giftcard. The Sustainable Fashion Giftcard is the very first fashion giftcard in the world that focuses on sustainability. This initiative of Fashion Platform Our World strives to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone. The giftcard works as follows: you buy the giftcard online via www.sustainablefashiongiftcard.nl and receive the giftcard directly in your email. You can then give this card as a gift to your family, friends, colleagues, etc. Finally, the giftcard can be redeemed at one of the 50 affiliated fashion pioneers. With the giftcard you can not only buy sustainable clothing, but also rent clothing or follow a workshop. And that's not all, because by giving this giftcard to somebody you automatically contribute to the Fashion Revolution! The 50 pioneers who are affiliated with the Sustainable Fashion Giftcard have all been carefully selected and assessed on six sustainability categories. For example, with Unravelau we score on the categories people and vegan. This way you can be sure that wherever you redeem the giftcard, you contribute to a better world!The Sustainable Fashion Giftcard will be officially launched at the 20th of April 2020. For more information go to www.sustainablefashiongiftcard.nl or visit the facebook page of the event: Online Launch Sustainable Fashion Giftcard. The Sustainable Fashion Giftcard can be redeemed in our webshop very soon. Stay tuned via our social media channels.