By Dionne Heuts, 2020

Photo by Robin Griffin

Since the enthronement of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands in 2013, we are celebrating Kingsday on the 27th of April. Before 2013 this day was called Queensday and took place on the 30th of April. This day has been a national holiday in The Netherlands since 1885. On this day all of the Netherlands turns Orange, which is the national colour of The Netherlands, and as you may have noticed therefore also the signature colour of Unravelau. Another aspect that is inextricably linked with Kingsday is the ‘Vrijmarkt’ or in English, flea market. During this tradition, people are allowed to sell anything anywhere on the streets. From food to old toys to furniture to old clothes. At Unravelau we love this tradition since it shows a lot of people that the old stuff that they do not want anymore can make somebody else very happy! This is the mindset that we, as Unravelau, would like to create and see among consumers. Namely, we strongly believe that nothing should be regarded as waste and everything can be reused or upcycled. 

This year our Kingsday will be different than usual. Nonetheless, we should celebrate our beautiful country. At Unravelau we will colour everything extra orange (to what extent that is possible) and spread the message of the Vrijmarkt! 

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Happy Kingsday to all our dutch followers!

Orange is not only our national colour but also our signature colour. Curious to know how we included it in our palette? Browse UNRAVELAU designs HERE.