Dear Customers,

Especially in these difficult times Unravelau wants to share a message of support. Being kind to yourself and those around you is fundamental in order to get past this pandemic: remember to limit your intake of news, look after your friends and neighbours and support your local businesses if you can. 

We are grateful that we could adapt our sustainable manufacturing process in a way that allows us to continue safely without any delays in production. Unravelau’s highest priority is to ensure the safety of its employees and workplace while satisfying our customers’ needs. As of the 14th of October, most of our team work remotely. Only those duties that can’t be done from afar are being performed in our Atelier in Almere, while complying with the hygiene and social distancing guidelines laid out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the local authorities. We want to assure our customers that our production and distribution timelines have not been affected by this pandemic. All shipments are taken care of by third parties; customers can track and trace their parcels and will be notified in the rare event of a delay.
If you want to know more about Covid-19 safety measures and updates, visit https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19

Take care and stay safe,