At UNRAVELAU we want to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to act eco-friendly! 

Our goal is to unravel the bad practices in the fashion industry through our designs, while spreading awareness for sustainable and fair solutions in fashion. 

We also want to encourage our customers to start taking small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle - because every step, no matter how small, has a big impact. Therefore our garments are a direct solution for the customers on their journey. 

Learn more about UNRAVELAU’s philosophy and core values below.

Photo by Jacky Liu

Fair & Local Production

Being conscious about what you wear has never been so stylish! Want to learn more about our eco-friendly production? Take a look behind the scenes here. 


Photo by Fred Smink

Zero Waste & Made to Order

Waste? Here at UNRAVELAU we don’t know the meaning of such a curious word. Want to know why? Click below to learn more about our zero waste philosophy!


Up-cycled & Organic Materials

For our garments we exclusively use upcycled and natural materials from organic origin. Find out more about the upcycling process and the different fabrics that we use for our collections below.