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Look 10

Sofi Denim Dress

Price on request

Organic materials

Unravelau uses organic and recycled materials for their products. We understand that protecting nature is a major concern. That’s why we believe in the power of reusing materials. Because of today’s fast fashion system we live in a lot of products are discarded when there are still many possibilities to recycle them. “One man's trash is another man's treasure”. 

Fair work

Unravelau produces all their work in a fair way. Every product is made by hand in the atelier in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The products are made with love and care for fashion and environment and are expected to be treated the same. 

Eco Friendly

We want to be as eco friendly as possible. That’s why we reuse our patterns to save paper and separate any waste that Is left. The waste that is created by producing the collection like fabric and thread leftovers are saved to be reused in following products. 

  • Product Details

    Zina Linen Top
    Body fitted dress with raw cut hem
    Post-consumer reused denim with silk pongee lining and silk organza cuffs and collar


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