Denim Headband Stuffed Braided
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The Unravelau braided headbands are produced using scraps of secondhand denim and biodegradable materials. Accessorise your favorite outfits with our unique headbands, like a modern crown. Our accessories are zero waste to ensure we contribute to the world in a positive way and don’t waste any valuable resources.


To make this item 100% biodegradable you can take of the brand tag. After use, please send us back your item so we can reuse it for a new garment. Together we can help nature and prevent fashion waste.


Length headband (without straps): 56 cm


Fabric: Leftover denim
Thread: GOTS cotton
Brand Tag: Polyester


Manufactured in the Unravelau atelier in Almere, The Netherlands. This item is made without creating waste.