Threadbare shows the importance of paying attention to social and environmental issues. The collection proves that it’s possible to minimize waste by reusing materials that are already available, and thus closing the loop. From the original product to a new luxurious recycled design piece. This changes the consumer’s way of acting and thinking in order to create a durable relationship between product and consumer.

Model: Zina Jorna @ BM Model Management

Photography: Romy Flamand

MUAH: Lotte Concepts


For this FW'18 collection called 'Threadbare' we took inspiration from the denim culture. Jeans are one of the most durable items a person can possess because denim is a strong, long lasting fabric. The real ‘denim heads’ extend the life of jeans as much as possible by barely washing their jeans and repair them until it’s no longer possible.  They wear jeans until they become almost threadbare and a shape and a wearing pattern has been created that is completely unique and only belongs to them. We became fascinated and questioned why we are not doing this with other items that aren’t made out of denim.

To visualize this we recycled jeans that people thought no longer useful and gave them a new life. To honor the process of wearing clothes and creating unique wear patterns we recreated this process with torn apart items made from other fabrics. The silhouettes are dramatic yet wearable and can each be combined in their own way. Each single piece is handcrafted in the atelier in Utrecht and are either made of reused materials or 100% organic materials like silk, hemp and linen.

To create the least possible waste with this collection we reused denim leftovers and added them as a filling inside this top.

Each denim item is unique because of the wear pattern that was made by the previous owner of the reused jeans.

To honour the process of wearing clothes and creating unique wear patterns we recreated this process with items torn apart and made out of other fabrics

Unravelau produces all their work in a fair way. The products are made with love and care for fashion and the environment, and are expected to be treated the same.