Sherefa Yorks is a Dutch singer and dancer and the winner of DanceSing in 2019. From that day on she never stopped dreaming. She is not only an exceptional performer, but also a strong and resolute woman. Sherefa is one of Unravelau beloved muses because of her personality, her passion for our brand and her joyful spirit and attitude. For her concert for Vogue Netherlands, Sherefa was dressed in Unravelau from head to toe and she looked stunning! 

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You won DanceSing in 2019. What happened since then?

After I won DanceSing I've had the opportunity to work with great managers, a label, photographers, and got to know a lot of new producers and people in general. I've been busy trying to create my own path in the industry. It's really hard work trying to stay relevant in this business. Especially finding a healthy balance between your private life and your artist life. You dont wanna overshare but you also have to stay in contact with your supporters. Now I'm working in the studio a lot to create my own sound and hopefully sharing some very soon. In the meantime I'm creating DanceSing covers for my instagram and youtube channel to share my passion for dancing, singing, and directing. I choose the dancers, photographers, location, music etc. by myself because I love to do it. Eventually I want to work with great brands I love, so it will be a bit less hard for me. And ofcourse the covers will change into my own music when I'm ready to release it.

Where do you get the inspiration for your music from?

Wow, I get my inspiration from a lot of things. Everything that touches my heart on some level I'll save in my creative file in my head and I'm taking it with me. The thing that intrigues me the most in life is getting to know another person. What makes them who they are, what molds them, how do they carry themselves, what traumas did they experience, why can't he or she look me straight in the eye for more than a half a second.. I learn a lot about myself by watching others. And everytime learn something from another person or watch someone else, it moves my soul. And with that feeling I try to make music. With everything that moves me, I try to write.

What do you think we all can do to be more sustainable in our daily lives?

Before we can do that I think we have to wake people up first. Usually that's done by shocking people. We have to educate people that the way we are living now, it can't go on for another 20 years… There has to be a reason people can connect with why they should live a more sustainable life. The big brands are starting to educate bigger groups, so that's good :). It's in the small things you can do for yourself… reuse your own bottle for water (no plastic), bring your own bags when you go shopping, go with your bike or public transportation instead of your car, support brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious.

You wore UNRAVELAU during a performance for Vogue Netherlands. Why did you decide to wear UNRAVELAU?

So first of all.. I was in love with the UNRAVELAU designs. Totally something I'd love to wear on a daily basis. When I heard it was an environmentally conscious brand I was sold. The great designs she is able to make by reusing materials is just insane. I 100% wanna support that in every way I can. Keep it up UNRAVELAU <3.