Made in utrecht


A collection inspired by the city of Utrecht where UNRAVELAU has their atelier. The collection has to give the impression of how Utrecht looks like from above.


In the garments that consist of different fabrics that make a patchwork you can see the irregular meadows on the outskirts of the city. The more straight shapes reminds one of the structured center of Utrecht. Utrecht is a true mix of traditional and modern buildings and this shows itself in the color and materials of the collection. To show my signature as a designer I have used see-through parts and the production waste has been applied in unique details like socks to customize the shoes with. 

For some of the garments in this collection the zero-waste pattern technique has been applied. The pattern will be adjusted to the fabric width to minimize waste. Also some garments have been recycled and prevented them from becoming waste.

The fabric waste not only gives the garment an exclusive look, but it also gives waste a new life.

All fabric and threat waste that is being generated during production have been saved and used again in the collection. By using patchwork even the smallest bits of fabric could be used.



Ellen van Berkel


Robin Griffinn 


Celine, Charlie and Silke from It's Me Model Management and Stage Model Management

Assistant designers

Mirka Vilkman & Costanza Conti