By Annabel Axtmann, 2020

Photo by Elise Outteryck
Photo by Elise Outteryck

In the past few weeks, the world has changed in a way, none of us would have ever expected. This affects us at UNRAVELAU as well – not only as a small sustainable business but of course also as the people behind our brand.

In these insecure times, everyone has to face their own challenges. That's why we thought about how we could make a useful contribution as a brand and decided on producing our own face masks as a gesture of support. 

Our UNRAVELAU face masks are produced out of natural and biodegradable materials and will help you, stay a little more stylish during this situation. They are also made with a zero-waste pattern, to make sure we contribute to this world and don’t waste any valuable resources. You can also wash the face mask on 60 degrees so you can reuse them over and over again, which makes them even more sustainable. 

But besides wearing a mask: most importantly always keep 1,5 m distance to others and follow the regulations. Because we can only protect each other by following the guidelines! 

With buying one of our masks, you will not only support our brand UNRAVELAU in this crisis and our mission to create a more sustainable fashion industry: We also want to give back to our community! And for this reason, we decided to give one face mask to a person in need for every sold UNRAVELAU mask. Please support us in this matter and get one of our face masks now via our Instagram account or by sending us an email at finance@unravelau.com! In your message, state how many face masks you want to order, the address to which we must ship the face mask(s) and your phone number so we can send you a Tikkie to complete the transaction. 

We also produce bigger amounts of face masks on request: So if you are in need for a special amount of face masks for example for your company or co-workers, please also contact us via email at finance@unravelau.com, so we can make you an offer for this.

Please understand that, as there is a great need for face masks in the Netherlands at this moment, for this reason, we only ship our face masks within the Netherlands for the time being. As a lot of designers are having a hard time right now, see if you can support a local designer by buying your face masks locally. 

Don't hesitate and check out our chic and reusable face masks in our shop overview or by clicking HERE!