Jaco Jacket

If you take care of your work-life balance, we will provide the work-fashion balance. Meet Jaco, the most flattering jacket for every body type!

Made out of blue naturally dyed denim, this form-fitting jacket is made with a zero-waste pattern and doesn't have any seams, but darts to follow your body’s shape. The raw edges at the front give the jacket a refined look, creating the perfect balance between elegant and casual. A must-have piece inside and outside of the office!


Dry clean only.
To make this item 100% biodegradable you can take off the buttons and the brand tag.
After use, please send us back your item so we can reuse it for a new garment. Together we can help nature and prevent fashion waste.


Model is 176 cm / 5’9" tall and wearing size
36/S / UK 8/ US 6


Fabric: GOTS naturally dyed denim
Lining: GOTS naturally dyed organic cotton
Thread: GOTS cotton
Buttons: Metal covered in naturally dyed denim
Brand tag: Polyester


Manufactured in the Unravelau atelier in Almere, The Netherlands. This item is made with a zero-waste pattern which means that the whole fabric is being used without creating waste. Since the denim is naturally dyed the outcome of the colour depends on weather conditions and the season in which the paint bath has been made. As a result, small changes in colour can occur which make each item unique. We named this jacket after our photographer who took the pictures for our lookbook. Thank you, Jaco!