Laura Pleated Trousers

Elegant and comfortable at the same time? To put it in Obama’s words: yes, we can!

These pleated palazzo trousers are made from organic khadi cotton, a traditional Indian fabric that feels like a cool summer breeze on your skin. Made with a zero-waste pattern they don’t have side seams, but only pleats to follow the body's elegant shape. At the waist, we implemented an elastic band that holds the fabric together and gives extra comfort. This item comes with a separated belt and has pockets on both sides.

Whether it’s a picnic in the park or an important business meeting, these trousers can do it all.


Dry clean only, low heat iron.
To make this item 100% biodegradable you can take off the zipper and the brand tag.
After use, please send us back your item so we can reuse it for a new garment. Together we can help nature and the prevention of fashion waste.


Model is 180 cm / 5’10" tall and wearing size 36/S / UK 8/ US 6


Fabric: 100% Khadi Cotton
Thread: GOTS cotton
Belt: GOTS Khadi Cotton with metal belt hook
Brand tag: Polyester


Manufactured in the Unravelau atelier in Almere, The Netherlands. This item is made with a zero-waste pattern which means that the entire fabric is used without fabric waste. Because there are no seams in the fabric, just pleats, we can use the entire fabric after the customer returns their item to us. We named this item after our design assistant who assisted us in making zero-waste patterns to eliminate fabric waste.
Thank you, Laura!


Want to alter the length of the item to your height? Please make sure to send us your request in the comment with the order placement. To get the best measuring result: Stand up straight and let somebody else measure you from waist to ankle. At your request we can alter the length for free.